Kenny Roels in SDL

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Kenny Roels in SDL

Post by Andy_Nonymous »

Per Thomas Weiling's request I have converted Kenny Roels' mods to SDL. He released three of them in 2002, the first called 'Wolfenken.'

Compared to his later mods, Wolfenken's mapping appears a bit more 'patched together' and the pushwall design assumed two-space movement. Extraneous maps have been removed and small bug fixes have been made, thanks to Thomas' beta testing.

I personally enjoy the unique sounds Kenny used.

Get your Wolfenken here:

Here's Kenny's old website, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

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Post by Thomas »

Ha-ha, the first mods I ever played came from his site. Operation Scorpion with "60 new levels" which were actually one of Brian's map sets and all... It was fun testing these, I never felt anybody knew of them or played them, and they may seem a bit mediocre, but personally I just love the fact that they're out now in SDL for everyone to enjoy, perhaps for the first time for some.