Somebody can make different spear ending sequences

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Somebody can make different spear ending sequences

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Original subject: I need a few screenshots of Get Lost!!! SOD Mission packs

Go down to "11th October 2014: Get Lost!!! Spear of Destiny Mission Pack mapsets released" on The Ersatz Dome at ... &&start=20
Take a few screenshots and email them to me so that I can make 1 of them into a thumbnail for The Dome News.

My Spear of Destiny Super CD pack won't install on Windows Vista. I just bought Wolf Pack from Wolf Pack includes RTCW, Wolfenstein 3D, and I was disappointed that it only has episode 1 of the Spear of Destiny.

EDIT: How absent-minded of me. After going back and looking deeper, it does have 3 episodes.

Change of post subject: I have an idea. Maybe somebody could make 2 different ending sequences to episodes 2 and 3 for a new mod since I think that they are the same as episode 1. You can move this thread to the Spear of Destiny section.