Is Josef Mengele the Angel of Death in Spear of Destiny?

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Is Josef Mengele the Angel of Death in Spear of Destiny?

Post by Joshua »

I remember posting this topic at ... of-destiny and thought it would be interesting to discuss it here. I do not think Josef Mengele is the Angel of Death in Spear of Destiny episode nor is he the Devil Incarnate. He could be connected to them in some way though in the fictional universe. I bet the Angel of Death/Satan actually met Josef Mengele before in the fictional universe. The Angel of Death probably decided to use the name out of respect for Mengele. Even that seems a little bit of a stretch since Angel of Death name can be applied to a supernatural creature.

Schabbs, Quarkblitz, and Deathshead (I believe these three fictional people are clones) are based on Josef Mengele.

What do you people think about this topic?
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Post by Tricob »

I too doubt that Mengele would be the Angel Of Death nor the Devil Incarnate. There are many other notorious figures throughout history who are far more sadistic and much more feared by anyone familiar with them. One such figure played no favorites at all - not even to members of his own family - and mercilessly tortured anyone who defied him. He's committed some acts that are too graphic and disturbing to post about here. Such gruesome acts haven't even made it on his Wikipedia page.