Wilhelm's Sprites Fix

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Wilhelm's Sprites Fix

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I have stated my opinions on Discord about how awful Wilhelm looks like. Some of his frames contains remnants of Fatface, some brown pixel of his uniforms, his armband and such. I also don't really understand why he has different weapon muzzle flashes compared to other bosses, it just looks out of place and I do not want to talk about his dying frames. Like ID just cropped his previous frames to give the illusion he is falling backwards, it looks unfinished, especially with that basic Schabbs+Fatface+Gift death frame, looks like they have wanted to make new death frames but they didn't have the time to finish it or finish the whole boss in particular. Oh yes and do not forget that ID was using the original Wolf3D's palette for this boss, they actually used those 2 bright purple colors for his breastplate when he's firing his guns, however thanks to the Spear palette those 2 purple colors are now dark green so yea, it looks off as well. A few days ago I have started to work on a sprite fix for Wilhelm and I just finished it not long ago, I don't claim that it is the best thing ever, but it definitely looks MUCH better than the original. Here it is if you want to take a look at it:
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As you can see I have fixed it as much as I could. It's not perfect, but I didn't want to go with perfect at all. I think I have fixed most of the issues, it's basically done and it's free-to-use (Give credits if you use it of course! :-) ) and if you have the time to make it look even better, feel free to do so!

Here it is if you want to download the sprite fix: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 3/Will.zip

Link updated!