Spear of Destiny WASD build

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Spear of Destiny WASD build

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I have compiled a build of James Dunne's Wolfenstein 3D WASD project for Spear of Destiny. This is a real-mode DOS executable that has all of the behaviors and bugs of the original Wolf/Spear 1.4. The copy protection has been disabled and the Wolf3D SIGNON and GAMEPAL replaced with Spear's. This exe features modern-style WASD controls with two-button strafe and no forward/backward mouse movement, though there are caveats.

The WASD implementation here is somewhat more primitive than that in ECWolf or Operation: Eisenfaust Origins Remastered, and obeys the movement limitations of the original engine, so you can't strafe at running speed or use the mouse to turn faster than in the original game. ECWolf players should adjust their playstyle accordingly. Remember to delete your config.sod before playing, as using a config.sod from the original exe will cause this one to crash on loading a level.

Thanks to James Dunne for the original project and MCS for his tutorial on how to compile the DOS source for Spear of Destiny.